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Welcome to CKids Chest- A Treasure of Fun and Learning for Jewish Holidays.


Purchase the Pesach Edition today!
Unbox your Pesach treasure and adventure into a world of creativity, learning, excitement, and cherished Pesach traditions. 
Through bedazzling your very own Cup of Elijah, whipping up tasty charoset, assembling a jigsaw-puzzle turned Seder Plate, playing a Taboo like Pesach Card game at your seder with the whole family,  you will have the most amazing Pesach experience in the comfort of your home! 


What's in the box? 

  • Seder Guess It- a Taboo like card game full of Pesach terms for the whole family to play at the Seder.
  • Cup of Elijah project- Bedazzle and decorate your very own Cup of Elijah with gems, pearls and a beautiful sticker to be used at the Seder. 
  • Seder Plate Puzzle- Explore and learn about the 10 makos and the elements of the seder plate while creating a puzzle, with the end result of a seder plate masterpiece that can either be made permanent and used at the seder or kept as a game to play over and over. 
  • Charoset recipe card 2 ways- You will have an easy time in the kitchen making your very own tasty charoset for the seder, using the colorful double sided recipe card! 
  • CKids Chest Haggadah- An easy to follow colorful haggadah to make the steps of the pesach seder come alive! 
  • Tzivos Hashem Magazine
  • Mitzvah Missions card

CKids Chest

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