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Introducing the CKids Luchos Molds, the perfect take-home product for teaching the story of Matan Torah! This product comes with 5 plastic luchos molds (which are reusable), 5 lollipop sticks, 5 plastic bags, as well as a digital file of Har Sinai to print and place behind the Har Sinai Lollipop. Perfect for teaching Parshas Yisro or Ki Sisa.
This product is appropriate for Preschool and Elementary.

These Luchos Molds are the only product of its kind that is square-shaped. 

Product Includes:

  • Luchos Molds (Physical Product)
  • Digital Har Sinai Product 

*By purchasing this product, you commit to not forward the digital resources further than your personal classroom/school.  

Plastic Luchos Molds - Set of 5


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