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Get ready for the most spectacular and grand Chanukah Live event!
This coming up Chanukah, Ckids will be hosting THE BIGGEST CHANUKAH HAKHEL LIVE for thousands of Jewish children! In the spirit of Pirsumei Nisa, the livestream will take place at famous landmarks, and the event will be broadcasted on popular news sources. It will take place on Sunday, December 18 @ 12:00 pm EST- before the start of Chanukah USA time.
Get into the true Chanukah spirit as we light the Menorah and sing and dance to joyful Chanukah tunes with children from around the world. An illusionist will perform a spectacular hands-on Chanukah magic show, and awesome prizes will be raffled out throughout the half-hour event.
But most importantly, the KIDS will see how they are part of a broader Jewish community, with thousands of kids just like them.   

This is sure to be a momentous and unforgettable Chanukah for all!
CKids - The Chabad Children's Network

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Program will begin with an introduction followed by Grand Menorah lightings and kid friendly Chanukah messages by prominent Rabbi's from around the world, including Israel, Dubai, Paris and Argentina. We will be taken to the Kotel where we will say a short prayer for the safety of Israel, light the Menorah and sing to beautiful Chanukah medleys. A professional illusionist will then teach the children awesome hands-on Chanukah magic. We will end off by dancing to upbeat Chanukah music and a heartfelt prayer for Moshiach now!

This children's Chanukah-themed rally is intended to drive home-both the uplifting message of Chanukah: The triumph of light over darkness. The event hopes to empower all participants to become agents of positive change for themselves, their families and their communities in all areas of Yiddishkeit.


Participating Locations

Chabad of the Beaches
Chabad of the West Side
Chabad at Short Hills
Chabad of S. Clemente
Chabad Emeryville
Chabad of Loudoun County
Merkos Suite 302.1
Chabad Lubavitch of Minneapolis
Chabad Lubavitch of the Venetian
Chabad of Plano & Collin County
Chabad Lubavitch of Quad Cities
Chabad of Greater Dayton
Chabad Mercer Island
Chabad Aruba
The Shul of Bal Harbor
Turk Family Chabad Jewish Discovery Centre
Chabad of Great Neck
Chabad of the Beach Cities
Chabad of Owings Mills

North Suburban Lubavitch Chabad - Central Avenue Synagogue

Chabad of Anne Arundel CountyChabad of Forest Hills NorthChabad of YorktownChabad Chayil - Highland LakesChabad-Lubavitch of North Orlando

Chabad of Sheepshead Bay

Chabad Of Palm Coast
Chabad Jewish Center - South Metro Denver
Chabad of Briarwood
Chabad of South Broward
Chabad of Forest Hills North
Chabad of the West Valley
Chabad Lubavitch of Riverdale
Chabad of Red Rock
Chabad of Anne Arundel County
Chabad of The Woodlands
Beth Chabad Israeli Community
Chabad New Canaan Jewish Center

Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois
Chabad Lubavitch of Edmonton

Chabad of Cypress and Northwest HoustonChabad Jewish Center of NWBCChabad Lubavitch of Hunt ValleyChabad of BradentonChabad of Durham RegionChabad of South BayChabad of Panama City BeachChabad of Rancho Mirage - The Torah Oasis

Chabad of South OrlandoChabad of Charlotte CountyChabad Jewish Center of Mission Viejo


Chabad Jewish Center of the Florida Keys
Chabad of Putnam
Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta
North County Chabad Center
Chabad of West Hempstead
Chabad of Akron & Canton
Chabad of Bethesda

Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center

The Shul Bayside

Chabad House of Western Michigan

Chabad of Cape Coral

Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center

Chabad Torah Center of West Bloomfield

Chabad of North Hollywood

CKids International

Chabad of Pacific Palisades

Chabad of Clifton Park

Chabad of Lake Success & University Gardens

Chabad Lubavitch of Minneapolis

Chabad of Pittsford

Harford Chabad

Congregation Judea

Beis Chabad

Chabad Pensacola


Jewish Russian Community Center
Chabad Jewish Center of Petaluma

Free Hebrew for Juniors

Chabad Lubavitch of Hamptons

Chabad of Scottsdale

Chabad Center

Chabad Lubavitch of Rockland

Chabad of NW Metro Denver

Chabad of Southlake

Chabad of Commerce

Chabad Jewish Community Center of Folsom

Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning- San Antonio

Lubavitch of the East End

The Shul of Bellaire

Chabad of Greater Orlando

Evanston Chabad Community Programming 

Chabad of North Holywood

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