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As a soldier in Hashem’s Army, Tzivos Hashem, we are charged with a mission to light up the world, one night at a time—one mitzvah at a time. 

Eight nights of Chanukah means eight nights of lighting Menorah, playing dreidel, and spreading light. It’s our Mitzvot that will transform darkness into light!

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How it works:


Check out the Bonus Missions Below!

Besides for the nightly Mitzvah Mission to light the menorah, there is also a daily bonus mission! Look below to find out what it is!


Do the Mitzvot!

Do the mitzvot! From lighting menorah, eating latkes, or showing your Jewish pride— there is a Mitzvah for everyone! 


Log Your Missions!

Click below on the correct Chanukah night. Fill out the form at the bottom with the missions you did for a chance to win big! Check back the next night to find out who won!

Ophir, a Private soldier in Tzivos Hashem from Leeds, UK wants to nominate all of YOU to do the Chanukah Frenzy! Check it out.

Complete the Nightly Challenge!


Night #1

Show your Jewish pride! Join a public menorah lighting!


Night #2

Girls: Light Shabbat candles.

Boys: say the Kiddush blessings!


Night #3

The miracle of oil! Make latkes and/or donuts with your family.


Night #4

Hear the Chanukah story with your family.


Night #5

Be a menorah! Light up the world with kindness!


Night #6

Give charity. Put some money in a tzedakah box to donate.


Night #7

Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel! Play a game of dreidel with your family.


Night #8

Chanukah, oh Chanukah! Sing some chanukah tunes

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