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Check out Bonus Missions

Every night there is a Mitzvah Mission to light the Chanukah Menorah. Check out below what the bonus mission is every night!

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Do the Mitzvot!

Do the mitzvot! From lighting menorah, eating latkes, or showing your Jewish pride— there is a Mitzvah for everyone! 

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Log Your Missions

Click below the correct Chanukah night. Fill out the form at the bottom with the missions you did for a chance to win big! Raffle will be January 4th.

Benjy a Tzivos Hashem soldier in Toronto, ON wants to nominate all of you to do the Chanukah Frenzy! Check it out.

Hakhel year

Hakhel is the year of unity. It's when the entire Jewish family joined together in Jerusalem to celebrate. We keep that Hakhel spirit glowing srong by staying connected to Jewish kids everywhere! So it's an extra special year as we gather children from all over the globe doing thousands of mitzvot throught the Holidays!

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Ooohhh. That hover board is gonna be mine!

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Really? I'm eyeing the Instax Camera!


Night #1

Show your Jewish pride! Join a public menorah lighting!


Night #2

The miracle of oil! Make latkes and/or donuts with your family.


Night #3

Be a menorah! Light up the world with kindness!


Night #4

Hear the Chanukah story with your family.


Night #5

Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel! Play a game of dreidel with your family.


Night #6

Girls: Light Shabbat candles. Boys: say the Kiddush blessings!


Night #7

Give charity. Put some money in a tzedakah box to donate.


Night #8

Chanukah, oh Chanukah! Sing some chanukah tunes

Davi Fernandes

Sofia Schubert
Ethan Hamburg

Noam Ouanounou 
Ronin Ross
Yakir McCaffrey

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