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As a soldier in Hashem’s Army, Tzivos Hashem, we are charged with a mission to light up the world, one night at a time—one mitzvah at a time. 

Eight nights of Chanukah means eight nights of lighting Menorah, playing dreidel, and spreading light. It’s our Mitzvot that will transform darkness into light!

How it works:


Check out the Bonus Missions Below!

Besides for the nightly Mitzvah Mission to light the menorah, there is also a daily bonus mission! Look below to find out what it is!


Do the Mitzvot!

Do the mitzvot! From lighting menorah, eating latkes, or showing your Jewish pride— there is a Mitzvah for everyone! 


Log Your Missions!

Click below on the correct Chanukah night. Fill out the form at the bottom with the missions you did for a chance to win big! Check back the next night to find out who won!

Ziggy Cohen Bender (Berks County, PA)

RAffle Winner from Night #5:

Chanukah Frenzy flyer (1).png

bonus mitzvah mission night #6:


Ckids has partnered with a few organizations in Israel to donate Chanukah gifts to those affected by the war. Partner with us to give the gift of joy.

Chabad of Eilat has become home for 70,000 displaced families who have lost their home due to the war. Partner with them to help our brothers and sisters.

Pantry Packers is committed to providing nutritional support for Israel's neediest families. Partner with them to combat hunger.

Mitzvah Mission Submission

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