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Hebrew School Survey 5782

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Dear Shluchim,


At CKids Hebrew School, we felt it was important to imbue students with a strong connection and commitment to Eretz Yisrael and to their heritage. Teaching these core stories at a young age provides an integral foundation for the students' future. Baruch Hashem, we are so grateful that you are one of nearly 400 Hebrew Schools that are teaching Israel Quest. The foundation which is funding this initiative wants to see Israel Quest’s impact. We are turning to you now with a request for you and your teachers to complete this survey within the next two weeks.


Between researching the new content, developing the activities and the resources, and producing the lessons, developing and publishing Israel Quest will cost us upwards of half a million dollars by the end of the year. It has always been our policy to provide our resources to Shluchim at a significantly reduced and affordable rate. We seek partners to cover the bulk of the expenses. 


Fortunately, a foundation partnered with us in this endeavor. They took interest in us because it aligns with their core values: to support innovative and effective organizations and initiatives that strengthen Jewish continuity and advocacy for Eretz Yisrael. They believe in this curriculum, thus enabling YOU to create this powerful impact on your students. 


In order for us to continue receiving funding from them, we need to show them hard data from all of our schools. For that, we turn to you, our fellow Shluchim, to partner with us. Please complete the survey yourself, and forward this link to your teachers with a strong message of encouragement to complete it as well.


Since the foundation takes a targeted, results-oriented approach with measurable outcomes for their grants, we turned to a third-party researcher, Dr. Michael Ben-Avie, to create a survey with the goal of providing data on Israel Quest's impact on children and their families. 


By surveying you, and eventually the teachers and families, we will provide the foundation with results on the efficacy of the curriculum and our other CKids programs. This enables us to, quite literally, keep on providing for you. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. We will use this data to continue providing top-quality content and experiences to you. 


Thank you for your partnership and hatzlacha in your continued growth!

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