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Sample Lessons

Explore some sample lessons from the 5782 curriculum!

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K-1: SuperJew SuperYou

Students will be introduced to key Jewish concepts, Mitzvot, and Middot. They will learn how to relate the knowledge to their lives while instilling the idea that the Torah is our guide and source for how to live as Jews. The foundation will be laid at this young age to be able to incorporate the Torah for the rest of their lives.

2-5 and 6-8: Israel Quest

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring our history as Am Yisrael Chai! Discover our humble beginnings in Israel with Prophets and Kings and the secret to our eternal strength. Students will retain key Jewish values and hashkafa taught within the framework of Jewish leaders and their stories throughout our glorious history in Israel and beyond!

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What's included in my purchase*?

27 Weekly Lesson Plans: 

18 Themed Lessons + 9 Holiday Lessons
Designed resources 
Supply lists with purchasing links

Marketing Materials: 
Flyer, Year Calendar, Parent Handbook, Facebook/ Banner, Press Release, Email before the Year, and much more!

*Small-town Shluchim discount available in our tiered pricing option

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