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Chabad Hebrew School Directory

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Welcome to the Chabad Hebrew School Directory under the umbrella of CKids - the Chabad Children's Network!

Discover a wide range of Chabad Hebrew Schools around the world, dedicated to providing quality Jewish education to children of all ages. Our directory offers a comprehensive list of Chabad Hebrew schools where your child can engage in meaningful Jewish experiences, learn the Hebrew language, and become rooted in Jewish traditions and values.

Why Choose Chabad Hebrew Schools?

Chabad Hebrew schools, rooted in the Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy, offer a unique and thriving educational experience. Recent data from the Jewish Education Project study highlights the remarkable growth and success of Chabad Hebrew schools. In the United States, Chabad-run supplementary schools have experienced significant growth. In 2019-2020, 10% of Jewish supplementary students were enrolled in a Chabad supplementary school, up 6% from just 10 years prior. This growth demonstrates the effectiveness and appeal of Chabad Hebrew schools.

Chabad's educational approach emphasizes not only academic learning but also the involvement of families in their children's education. The survey recognized Chabad's focus on engaging families in activities as one of the reasons behind their success. By choosing a Chabad Hebrew school, you are joining a community that values family involvement, fosters a love for Judaism, and provides a strong foundation for Jewish identity.

Find a Chabad Hebrew School Near You:

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