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Test will be live here on:
- Thursday, March 28th - 
- Sunday, March 31st - 
- Monday, April 1st -

You received an email with instructions to choose a time slot

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You will need another password to enter the test, that will be given on the zoom.

Grade 3: Testing from pages 9 - 48
Prayers and Blessings

Grade 4: Testing from pages 49 - 95
12 Pesukim and Mitzvot

Grade 5: Testing from pages 97 - 149
Jewish Holidays and Life Cycle

Grade 6: Testing from pages 151 - 185
Jewish Concepts and Torah Traditions

Grade 7: Testing from pages 187 - 237
Jewish Heroes

This test is a culmination of everything learned this year,
please review all your grades material from tests 1, 2 and 3.

The test has 25 multiple choice questions (plus 3 open ended questions that will only be used in case of a tie breaker), all questions are strictly based on what they learned in the book.

Best of luck, and remember, with the Torah knowledge each of you have gained this year, you're all JewQ winners!

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