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CKids Clubs

​Join the funnest club in the world and celebrate your Judaism! Join Ckids Club each month for the freshest and most exciting events, empowering kids to tap into their talents and interests, while connecting to their own Jewish identity and impact. The clubs are in hundreds of Ckids chapters around the globe, in English, Spanish and French. Find a Ckids chapter near you.

CKids Club Mah Nishtana Magic Supply List:

Scotch tape
Glue stick
1 napkin
2 opaque colored cups
3 pom poms of the same color (or 3 small balls of crumpled tissue paper)
1 bottle cap or quarter
1 empty spice container or pill container

Click on the box below to print:

Magic Guidebook

Magic Kit

Mah Nishtana Magic Tricks Video.jpg
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