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Get ready for the most spectacular and grand Chanukah Live event!

This coming up Chanukah, Ckids will be hosting THE BIGGEST CHANUKAH HAKHEL LIVE for thousands of Jewish children! In the spirit of Pirsumei Nisa, the livestream will take place at famous landmarks, and the event will be broadcasted on popular news sources. It will take place on Sunday, December 18 @ 12:00 pm EST- before the start of Chanukah USA time.


Get into the true Chanukah spirit as we light the Menorah and sing and dance to joyful Chanukah tunes with children from around the world. An illusionist will perform a spectacular hands-on Chanukah magic show, and awesome prizes will be raffled out throughout the half-hour event.

But most importantly, the KIDS will see how they are part of a broader Jewish community, with thousands of kids just like them.   

This is sure to be a momentous and unforgettable Chanukah for all!


CKids - The Chabad Children's Network

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